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Morals of Euthanasia

Dena Furey Euthanasia March 8, 2013 Euthanasia Euthanasia is the act of purposely making or helping someone die, instead of allowing nature to take its course. Basically, euthanasia means killing in the name of compassion. Often surrounded by heated arguments from both those in favor of and those against the practice, human euthanasia spurs the most conflict within political circles, differing cultural and religious attitudes, and the health care system. I will be defending Tom L. Beauchamp’s theory that euthanasia is ethically moral and sometimes permissible.Beauchamp’s theory states that if voluntary passive euthanasia is sometimes permissible, then voluntary active euthanasia is sometimes permissible. Voluntary passive euthanasia is when a patient refuses treatment, such as a do not resuscitate (DNR) order. Voluntary active euthanasia is when a patient requests treatment, such a lethal dose. Beauchamp has a negative and positive thesis to his theory. They are: * Nega tive thesis-you cannot condemn physician assisted suicide by merely invoking the position of letting die and killing. Positive thesis-physician assisted suicide is permissible when you’re not only not doing any harm but also have a valid authorization from the patient. The first part of Beauchamp’s thesis deals with the distinction between letting die and killing. Opposers of Beauchamp’s thesis state that voluntary passive euthanasia (DNR) is permissible because you are letting the patient die, whereas voluntary active euthanasia (lethal dose) is killing the patient. Beauchamp thinks there is a problem with the definition of letting die and killing and that we need to make a clear distinction between them.Beauchamp presents a few ways we might be able to make that distinction. They are as follows: * Intentions-an act is a killing if and only if it is an intended death, you can foresee the consequences of your actions. Beauchamp presents a challenge to this. A DN R can be seen as an intended killing because the health care practitioner can foresee the consequences, and it could be interpreted as killing the patient if they do not revive him. Another example could be a drunken driving case. When a person drives drunk they do not intend to kill someone, is that now not considered a killing.So, Beauchamp thinks this definition of killing is wrong. * Wrongfulness-an act is a killing if and only if it is a wrongful death. Beauchamp presents a challenge to this. A DNR is considered not wrongful, but a lethal dose is wrongful, but going against a patient’s wishes could be considered wrongful in the lethal dose case. What is considered wrongful, that is what we are trying to answer. So, our conclusion is in our question, it makes a circular argument. Beauchamp thinks this definition of killing is wrong. Causation-an act is a killing if and only if an agent as opposed to an underlying condition causes death. Beauchamp offers an example to show the problem with the causal theory. A policeman is hurt in the line of duty and placed on life support. A mafia guy who wants the policemen dead comes in and pulls the plug, which in turn causes the policeman to die. In this case, what the mafia guy did was not wrong because the policeman died of natural causes. It was the underlying condition that caused the policeman’s death, not the mafia guy.Is this acceptable? One opponent to Beauchamp, Bernard Gert, says he wants to hold onto the causal theory. He thinks the mafia guy did wrong because he did not have a valid refusal of treatment from the policeman, such as a DNR. Beauchamp offers an answer to Gert showing how the causal theory is still a wrong definition of killing and letting die. It was not really the letting die of the policeman that was important to Gert; it was the refusal of valid authorization to pull the plug which made it a killing.So, if what Gert thinks is pivotal is what the patient wants, then why is a le thal dose request by the patient considered a killing and not a letting die. Beauchamp thinks the causal theory does not work. The conclusion to all these theories is that even if you can make a distinction between letting die and killing it still will not make a difference morally. The positive part of Beauchamp’s thesis states that physician assisted suicide is permissible when you’re not only not doing any harm but also have a valid authorization from the patient.Let’s establish what a valid authorization is. Beauchamp says a valid authorization is a request from someone with the authority to make a decision and it needs to be done freely and autonomous. I feel as though in the case of a lethal dose a little more needs to be added to the valid authorization. I think it should also include that the diagnosis given be terminal, the decision should not be made at the time of the diagnosis but after thinking everything over and it should be an enduring, voluntary , and competent informed decision, not co-erced in any way.The patient’s suffering should be unbearable, that there is no way of making that suffering bearable that is acceptable to the patient, and the physician’s judgments as to the diagnosis and prognosis were confirmed after consultation with another physician. Beauchamp’s position on the moral ethics of a lethal dose say that 1) we should abandon the letting die and killing distinction, 2) when it is wrong to cause death, what makes it wrong?. 3) The answer to that question is unjustified harm. For instance in the mafia example, the mafia guy did wrong because he did unjustified harm and did not act in the will of the patient.In conclusion, when voluntary active euthanasia would do no harm and there is a valid authorization, it is not wrong. There are, however, some well-known objections to human euthanasia. The oath a health care practitioner takes in one objection. I feel as though the oath needs to be ch anged to reflect modern society and medical practice. The world has changed since the oath was first written, as have ethical codes of conduct. Another objection is the slippery slope argument. People think that once the government steps in and starts killing its citizens, a dangerous precedent has been set.The concern is that a society that allows voluntary euthanasia will gradually change its attitudes to include non-voluntary euthanasia and involuntary euthanasia. Although this does present the need for more regulation and control of euthanasia, history has clearly demonstrated that any law or system can be abused. Also, what reason is there to believe that someone’s support for voluntary euthanasia be psychologically driven to practice non-voluntary euthanasia. Palliative care has been a favored alternative to euthanasia but thus still presents the issue of quality of life.When choosing palliative care over physician assisted suicide I think it would be important to ask w hether life will be enjoyed and not simply tolerable. To get the best palliative care requires trial and error with some suffering in the process. Even high quality palliative care comes with side effects such as nausea, loss of awareness because of drowsiness, and so on. Where voluntary euthanasia is not tolerated, giving large doses of opioids to relieve pain in the knowledge that this will also end life is tolerable.In situations where palliative care can only guarantee a life that is tolerable, I think euthanasia is a legitimate option. Opponents to euthanasia state that everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person. Every person has these rights; however, if a person has the right to life, then they should have the right to die. Everyone should have the same control in choosing the way they die as they do in which they live. It is unfair to decide whether one should live with pain and agony, knowing full well that they have a terminal illness from which there is no known recovery.In the past, the doctor was a person who was a friend. Now a doctor is a stranger who combats diseases, but she is not always your friend. What will never change is their struggle against death. However, they’re job is not only to prevent death but to improve they’re patient’s quality of life. Many times there is nothing a doctor can do to prevent a patient from dying if the patient has a terminal disease; all she can do is wait for death to arrive. I think and believe that it is everyone’s right to determine the amount of suffering they can endure in their lifetime.It should not be up to fellow society members to decide what they must endure because of differing viewpoints on who is responsible for their life. I do not tell anyone how to live, so do not tell me how to die. Death could be a choice that you might not make, but a choice that someone else can have. Dena Furey Euthanasia March 8, 2013 Bibliography Page Beauchamp, Tom L. à ¢â‚¬Å"Justifying Physician-Assisted Suicide†, Ethics in Practice. 3rd ed. Ed. Hugh LaFollette. Blackwell Publishing Ltd. , 2007. 72-79. Print.

Compare Death Essay

Tony Harrison’s â€Å"From Long Distance† is poem about how death has caused him and his father to grieve. Death is approached through the grief of the family and the past tense in the poem. Charles Tennyson Turner’s â€Å"On Finding a Small Fly Crushed in a Book† is a sonnet about the beauty of a dead fly’s corpse and how death can happen at any time. Death is approached through the ‘book’ and how death is unpredictable. The similarities and differences between the poems are in the diction, rhyme and rhythm. In â€Å"From Long Distance† Tony Harrison conveys death through diction. At the start Harrison describes how the father â€Å"kept her slippers warming by the gas†. This evokes a warm atmosphere because the father is doing something nice. However Harrison writes that â€Å"my mother was already two years dead†. The adverb â€Å"already† conveys the passing of time and shows that even while the father was doing something nice for his dead wife; it is irrational to do it for â€Å"two years† and evokes a negative atmosphere because the father is emotionally stressed. Furthermore the father â€Å"put you off an hour to give him time to clear away her things†. Harrison is conveying his disappointment in the father as the father is too wound up in grief. However Harrison says â€Å"I believe in life and death and that is all† which describes how there is no afterlife but this statement is quite emotionless which makes it sound quite false. Right afterwards this is justified through â€Å"you haven’t both gone shopping†. This suggests that both parents are dead likewise with â€Å"disconnected number I still call†. Harrison conveys that he is still grieving for his dead parents just like his father. Death is approached in â€Å"From Long Distance† through death causing people to show grief in irrational ways. In â€Å"On Finding a Small Fly Crushed in a Book†, Charles Tennyson Turner conveys death through imagery and diction. Turner portrays the corpse of the fly as being a â€Å"fair monument† and having â€Å"wings gleam out†. This image is very angelic and positive which conveys how the fly left a beautiful mark in the book. However this is ironic as flies are usually horrible and hated creatures. From this Turner writes â€Å"The pearl is by us day by day† which conveys how death can happen at any time. Furthermore Turner uses â€Å"The Book will close upon us† to portray the Book as being ‘death’ and is certain that you can’t escape it and it will eventually close. Lastly Turner writes that the â€Å"closing book may stop our vital breath, Yet leave no lustre on our page of death†. Turner conveys to the reader that when we die we don’t leave a positive mark on the world unlike that of the fly. Turner approaches deat h as serious matter and that it can happen any time. There are many similarities and differences between the poems â€Å"From Long Distance† and â€Å"On Finding a Small Fly Crushed in a Book† in rhyme, diction and rhythm. The rhyme in â€Å"From Long Distance† changes in the last stanza to emphasize that Harrison has let his emotions give way and show that he is still grieving for his dead parents. Likewise in â€Å"On Finding a Small Fly Crushed in a Book† the first eight lines of the sonnet have a regular pattern but the rhyme scheme changes in the last six lines which emphasizes how humans’ corpses are different to those of flies and also that death is unpredictable through the change in rhyme scheme. The diction in â€Å"From Long Distance† is positive because of the father’s actions. However Harrison uses words such as â€Å"blight†, â€Å"crime† and â€Å"rusted† which are all negative and create a barrier between the father and Harrison. In â€Å"On Finding a Small Fly Crushed in a Book† the diction for the first eight lines is positive when describing the beauty of the dead fly however in the last six lines it is a lot more serious which conveys the importance of the subject of death and how we need to make a mark in the world. Both poems have iambic pentameter which gives a regular rhythm and flow. In â€Å"From Long Distance† this flow gives the effect of time passing which emphasizes how death is hard to cope with. In â€Å"On Finding a Small Fly Crushed in a Book† the flow emphasizes the seriousness of death to show that it is important. These similarities and differences convey death through not being able to cope w ith death and how people could die anytime. The poems â€Å"From Long Distance† by Tony Harrison and â€Å"On Finding a Small Fly Crushed in a Book† by Charles Tennyson Turner approach death through the similarities and differences in diction, rhyme and rhythm. Harrison conveys to the reader that we should learn to cope with death and not hide out emotions. Turner conveys to the reader that we should make the most out of our life as death can happen at any time.

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Division and Classification Essay

â€Å"Your Future Is In Your Hands! † A term that many of us know. That saying is true and accurate when it comes to deciding on going back to school. â€Å"Should I go back to school? † A question that tons of people are asking themselves. It is a question that only they, themselves can answer. But there are many benefits of furthering your education. A sense of accomplishment is one of the many reasons people choose to go back. Self accomplishment is a gratifying feeling for most people. Yet many people struggle with the decision of going or not going. People with a higher education tend not only to get the better jobs but the higher paying ones as well. Who wouldn’t want a better, higher paying job? The better paying jobs seem to be the ones everyone is after. Nowadays in order to get those jobs, you need some sort of higher education. The economy can affect your choice in furthering your education. If the economy is not good your chances of going back to school are much better than getting a job, or in some situations, keeping your job. You can further your education and have a better chance of getting a better more satisfying job. Lots if jobs encourage a higher education and are willing to help an employee obtain it. They are willing to work with you by arranging your schedule, being flexible, and in some cases the employer even pays for the schooling. It is a great way to advance within your company. Who wouldn’t want to climb the corporate ladder? Personal satisfaction is a great benefit. Saying, â€Å"I have a college degree or certificate,† is very self-satisfying. It is a pleasing feeling to be satisfied and happy in your life. Many people learn to handle the pressure of deadlines and commitment along with learning social skills. Students learn to socialize with many different types of people, that vary in age. They learn to get along with people they normally would not get along with. People that they may never had met if it weren’t for going to school. Commitment is not always an easy thing to do. Who wants to take the time not only to attend school but pay for it and not totally commit themselves? Not many people. You invest your time, money, and self and you are committed. Your going to succeed. Self-confidence, another benefit, is something many people lack. Going back to school can make one feel good about themselves. The projects, the oral exams and practical exams that are part of college help people build confidence in themselves. Once you accomplish your project, whatever it may be, you will succeed and feel good about it when it’s done. Furthering your education can set a good example for your children, friends and family. They will see you making the choice to further or continue your education and in most cases will do the same. When you pass up playing a video game or watching television because you have homework to do, they will be more likely to do the same. It teaches them responsibility, commitment, time-management, and how to be goal oriented and how to set their priorities, among other things. Education may be a necessity for some and a true passion for others. There are many of opportunities as well as choices when it comes to furthering ones education. It is truly possible for anyone to further their education if they want to. It is never too late to go back to school. There are many benefits of continuing or furthering your education. Though there are quite a few benefits listed here, there are many more. You have to choose the one or ones that are right for you.

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See attached Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

See attached - Research Paper Example 1- Management integrity: Management integrity, or the ethical nature of personnel of authority, designs the overall tone for the company. Management integrity is communicated with all the employees through the handbooks and procedural manuals of employees. 2- Competent personnel: A company’s capability to recruit and retain proficient employees shows management’s intention to appropriately recording of accounting transactions. Additionally, the retention of workers raises the comparability of financial records from time to time. 3- Segregation of duties: The University of California at Los Angeles observes that a segregation of duties is significant to effectual internal control because it minimizes the risk of errors and wrong proceedings. A successful structure of internal control segregates authoritative, accounting and custodial functions. 4- Record maintenance: Keeping proper records gives the surety that appropriate documentation exists for all the business transa ctions. The management of records include: storing, protection and ultimately destructing tangible or electronic records. The Environmental Protection Agency highlights that an accurate records organization program minimizes operating costs of the operations, improves effectiveness and reduces the risk of process (James, 2013). SEC: The basic objective of SEC is to make sure that the security market is operating in a fair and orderly way. The professionals of security industry are forming contracts fairly with their clients, and that organizations provide general public all the necessary information about the company position through which investors could be able to make well informed investment decisions (Investor, n.d.). The SEC follows these goals by: mandating that organization reveals material business and financial information; supervising the process of the SROs; following rules with which those concerned in the buying and selling of securities should obey; and filing proceed ings or taking other enforcement activities in cases where the law has been desecrated. In spite of the lot of protections given by federal and state securities laws and SRO policy, it is essential for investors to keep in mind that they have the final accountability for their own security (SEC, n.d.). FASB: The Financial Accounting Standards Board is accountable for creating, revising, clarifying, and issuing mutually the broad principles and the specific activities that comprises acceptable financial accounting of private-sector (Tran, 2012). The FASB works through a course of the research projects, discussion memoranda, public hearings, comment letters, and proposal drafts. The FASB's eventual findings on program items are published as Statements of Financial Accounting Standards, which companies are necessary to adhere to (Dietrich, 2013). The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) is a one branch of the Financial Accounting Foundation (FAF), and self-governing, nonprofit b usiness The Financial Accounting Standards Board bears accountability for making generally acceptable accounting principles (GAAP) for the private or confidential sector (FASB, n.d.). Part 3-answer: Company in that was praised for its ethical practices: Nestle company has got a huge number of employees around the globe and it is maintaining a highly ethical behavior in its all the companies around the world. Nestle provides great satisfaction to employees and their satisfaction reflects in the

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Are the Challenges Facing Contemporary Africans the Product of Research Paper

Are the Challenges Facing Contemporary Africans the Product of Internal or External Historical Forces - Research Paper Example This despite a lot of efforts being channeled towards solving these problems, a lot of foreign aid is used to help these particular societies. Even though many non-stake organizations put of attention towards trying to solve these problems, still there are a lot of challenges. The main problem remains as the most potential strategies to salvage Africa from the problems; what or when will Africa much other continents social, political and particular economic strength? Many African scholars such as Ngugi wa Thiongo and Chinua Achebe1 have always associated the problem facing the African continent today as a result of the coming of Europeans to Africa. The introduction of western culture and civilization, which according to these writers brought the continent to its knees and began to creep into Africa when foreigners mainly Europeans started arriving into the continent. They criticize Europeans as having the quest to impose imperial ideologies and pilfering African resources, and it is this foundation that African scholars fill continued to infiltrate the continent even after independence. In the 21st century, the following are some of the principle challenges facing Africa as a continent. External Factors Economic constrains The economic effects laid down by colonialism continue to be felt by the five million inhabitants of Africa. Many African scholars such as Dr Ibrahim Farah do maintain a strong feeling that colonialism should be viewed as a progressive integration of Africa into the world capitalist system where it was given the role of producing raw materials for the western industrial products. This colonial economy also diverted Africa societies to divert Agriculture to production of primary goods and cash crop which have led to the continuous hunger situation in the continent. Africa elites blame the colonial economy for encouraging Africa to produce ''more of what was needed least rather than more of what was needed most'', this is what explains why Afr ica has continued to sink into the balance of payment deficit e because the income they fetch from their exports is far much less than the revenue they spend on imports2. Rodney goes further to echo the same sentiments when he argues that the systematic corrupt enterprises established by the colonies to expropriate African natural resources to Europe. This facilitated what is today seen as under-development of Africa while it engendered the development of Europe. It is how the colonial master led to the re organs action of African economy that has today altered the manner in which people produce, consume and create things within the continent-colonialism came with new-liberalism a phenomena that seeks to enforce the principle law of demand and supply that is forces of demand and supply should be left to make the leading role in the market structure distorted the African way of life, which was communal and appropriate for the African setting. In addition this system substituted it wi th liberalism which was foreign and in this case alien for the African societies. Socially, colonialism as an external factor responsible for the problems facing African continent today greatly affected the close knit family structure and fragmentation of social relation. Colonialism is also responsible for urbanization that led to rapid exodus of masses from rural areas to urban centers. This had two

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Comparison of Feud, Neo-Feud and Post Feud Ideas Coursework

Comparison of Feud, Neo-Feud and Post Feud Ideas - Coursework Example As theories were tested through discussions and questioning most of his followers found themselves holding diverging opinions from Feud and his theories. The result was a breakaway and formulation of other theories. The new theories, nonetheless, still hold some of the same underlying principles of psychoanalysis by Feud. Example the view of the unconscious self a drive in emotions, cognitions, and behaviors. The defense mechanism idea in relation to unconscious is also maintained. Karen Honey on Feminine psychology: FEUD PERSPECTIVE Karen perspective differed with feuds perspective because of feuds portrayal of women as desiring to be male. Feud perspective viewed women as incomplete and missing some element- not being a person of their own (Brown, 1961). NEO-FEUD PERSPECTIVE The Adult behavior is focused on overcoming basic anxiety experienced in child hood i.e. neurotic needs, behavior is shaped by attempts to avoid this anxiety experiences (Brown, 1961). Carl Jung’s Analytic Psycholog: FEUD PERSPECTIVE Most of personalities displayed in child adulthood is shaped by experiences in early childhood (Ash, 1987). NEO-FEUD PERSPECTIVE Collective unconscious All people share certain inborn ideas and memories, most of which reside in the unconscious †¢ Archetypes-fundamental images. †¢ Persona– Social mask used in public False self to protect privacy †¢ Anima– The perception of the female, as held in the mind of a male †¢ Animus– The idealized image of the male, as held in the mind of a female †¢ The anima and animus images lead to misunderstandings (Ash, 1987).

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History113 - Research essay on the Great war Researching and Arguing Term Paper

History113 - Research essay on the Great war Researching and Arguing From an Idea - Term Paper Example Those people who win from any war are given more attention than even those who survive to give the accounts of what happened. This idea matters to others since they have to understand that war is not a game of losers or winners, but those who survive are the most important since they will live to give the testimony of what happened. This matter also matters to others since they have to change their mind on the conception they have about history and war, giving example of the Great War. The methodology that I will use in this paper is continuity and change. The Great War is also referred as the First World War. The war started in 1914 to 1918, and it was triggered by some greed for power by some European countries (Kenneth 2005). The nations which were involved in the war all had some interest since some were in support of their friend nations while others were in need of territory, great empire and wealth. During the war there was signing of some treaties between some countries where they had to support each other even in times of war. In this war, Russia, Britain and France were one side meaning they were allies and on the other side was Turkey, Australia and Germany. After some time, the war was uncontrollable and it spread out of Europe where the United States in 1917, had to intervene (Keynes 1973). The war began on the 28th of July 1914 when Australia which is also known as Hungary declared war on Serbia. Other countries joined in the war since they had signed some treaties to support each other in times of war. The worst thing of all is that six million people both innocent citizens and the armies lost their lives (Keegan 1980). For one, no one would want or wish what happened the period between 1914 and 1918 to be repeated. This is because; there is no one who enjoys when there is war. When there is war, there is no peace and most of people lose their lives and their properties. The other effect

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Extra credit hrd495 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Extra credit hrd495 - Essay Example Secondly, he provides guidance on compensation and benefits scheme for employees. The manager stressed the fact that his role of developing employees places the responsibility of training and developing staff on him, including orientation of new employees, professional development workshops and seminars and leadership training. He consults with the executive management on strategic planning of the organization, hence serving as a link between the management and the employees to ensure that employees’ welfare have been catered for. The HR Manager had also been handing over legal counsel roles with regard to activities in risk mitigation to the newly appointed company legal secretary, the organization having grown bigger. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS (2012) sums up these responsibilities as planning, directing and coordinating the organization’s administrative functions. From the interview, I learnt that HR Managers operate on a kind of ad hoc schedule, as their schedule of tasks would largely be determined by the issues that arise on a day-to-day basis. Among the major issues faced by the HR Manager include the determination of the most appropriate employees during recruitment. Issues of remuneration also keep arising with employees always seeking to earn more irrespective of their contribution to the organization’s profitability. The establishment and distribution of benefits and managing outsourcing also stands out as major issues that the HR Manager handles on a regular basis. He faces the challenge of resolving conflict among employees and solving issues that jeopardize work safety. The HR Manager faces issues of resolving discrimination and harassment cases to ensure equality and respect among employees in the organization. To develop the field of HR, there would be need for more competent HR managers, thus the need for pursuance of relevant academic qualifications. A master’s degree such as Master

Assigment annotated bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Assigment - Annotated Bibliography Example The authors say that the function of the Cyanobacterial FurA is to act as a global regulator that links â€Å"iron homeostasis to photosynthetic metabolism and the responses to different environmental stresses† (Botello-Morte, et al). According to the scholars, FurA regulates various genes involved in redox homeostasis and works to meet the characteristics of a heme-sensor protein, whose interaction with this cofactor can have a negative impact on its DNA binding ability. Targeting Virulence not Viability in the Search for Future Antibacterials is a research paper written by Heras, Scanlon, and Martin. In this article, the authors give particular focus to the subject ‘rapid antibiotic resistance’. The writers assert that improved approaches need to be developed for new antibacterials to overcome the issue of rapid antibiotic resistance. For this purpose, the researchers examine the development of improved new antibacterial drugs that do not either kill bacteria or hinder their growth but fight disease through targeting bacterial virulence. This research work gives readers a clear view of why existing approaches or techniques are not capable of addressing the issue of rapid antibiotic resistance in antibacterials. The study leaves further scope for experiments in the field of medical research. Botello-Morte L., Bes, M. T., Heras, B., Fernà ¡ndez-Otal, à ., Peleato, M. L & Fillat, M.F. (March 20, 2014). Unraveling the Redox Properties of the Global Regulator FurA from Anabaena sp. PCC 7120: Disulfide Reductase Activity Based on Its CXXC Motifs. Antioxidants & Redox Signaling, 20(9): 1396-1406. Nagpal, J., Tan, J. L., Truscott, K. N., Heras, B & Dougan, D. A. (2013). Control of protein function through regulated protein degradation: biotechnological and biomedical applications. J MolMicrobiolBiotechnol 23(4-5):335-44. Daly, N. L., Thorstholm, L., Greenwood, K.

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Infection Control Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Infection Control - Essay Example We shall now talk about an infection that takes place during the course of medical treatment itself. Aids, the global scare made many medical professionals to use sterilized needles during their process of treatment. The single-puncture syringe that cannot puncture the skin once it is used is the best form of administering equipment for anesthetic and other medications. The profession is to go miles before attaining complete protective treatment. One of the most dreads that now posed by the ultrasound treatment is the use of gels. When an object or human body part is exposed to ultrasonic waves, density differences inside the object or the body parts cause some waves to reflect at the point of interface. This reflection is built into an image of the internal part of the body and its structure on the monitor screen. A gel or jelly is normally used to transmit the acoustic waves through the transducers—a device that contains a crystal, which converts alternating electric current s into vibrations—to the object or the internal part of the body.Experiments show that a high-energy ultra sound emitter inserted through an angioplasty catheter can effectively break up the blocks and restore normal blood circulation. In many patients, bacteremia is a result of an intravascular focus, such as a contaminated catheter or prosthetic device.Contamination of the gel at the manufacturing facility and improper use of the gel at clinical settings are the sources of many cases of bacteremia and septicemia.aemia. Non-sterile gels meant for external use, when used for invasive procedures like biopsies, put most of the patients under the risk of infection. Some precautionary measures can be followed to reduce the risk of infection. Separate individual procedures for sterile and non-sterile gels are postulated by Canadian Health Authorities. They are: - Sterile gels: - 1. Sterile gels must be used for all invasive procedures especially on babies in neonatal I C U. 2. Bacteriostatic gels should be considered for intact mucous membrane operations like oesophagal, rectal and vaginal areas. 3. Sterile packages must be used for one time use only. Non-sterile gels: - 1. Single use containers are the best for non-sterile gels. 2. In the situations of the use of reusable containers, the containers must invariably be cleaned thoroughly by using hospital-grade disinfectants. The very

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How does amount of CO2 vary in the places with a high amount of cars Lab Report

How does amount of CO2 vary in the places with a high amount of cars comparing to the fields - Lab Report Example The components of the fields determine the level of consumption that the field uses of the component while the cars release it. Cars release a substantial amount of the carbon dioxide the world environment suffers from (Mintzer. p.202). The study is developed to detail these studies and aid in understanding their effects on the environment. How does the amount of carbon dioxide vary in the places with a high amount of cars comparing to the fields? This question provides a more general approach to the study. A more direct question would include a coverage that includes the activities in an environment and the effect that they have on the volume of carbon dioxide. The question would consider the effect that the presence of cars in an environment would have creating a difference between the amounts of carbon dioxide in the two places. That is the fields and places with many cars. Based on these, the research question therefore would be: What effects does the level of activity in the environment have on the amount of carbon dioxide in relation to the presence of cars and their absence in a field? Places with cars have high carbon dioxide volumes while fields have low carbon dioxide volumes. Considering the volumes that cars emit in carbon dioxide, one discovers that chances prove high that places with many cars have a high carbon dioxide content compared to fields. The study aims at proving this hypothesis. The variables include two aspects that are the amount of carbon dioxide and the place or environment that is between a place with a high amount of cars and fields, which have a small amount of cars. In the study, the level of carbon dioxide provides the dependent variable whose volume depends on the environment and the activity in it in relation to cars. This means the environment is the independent variable. To understand further the effect that

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Reflection paper Essay Example for Free

Reflection paper Essay â€Å"Mabuhay ang Pilipinas! †, after watching Jose Rizal the Movie, these are the words that wanted to find its way out into my mouth. Words that wanted to travel beyond distance and beyond boundaries that would defy ages to finally find a resonating voice that sent earthquake to the stoned floor of the holy temple of God that sheltered fiends who clothed themselves in white and who spoke His words with fluency but undoubtedly knew nothing of His language. I could not say it better, as a realization hit me, but I admire my Motherland. I could not help but think how did she, after everything that was done to her, have found it in her heart to forgive? The film did not only depict the life of Jose Rizal during the gripping of the Spaniards’ iron hands but also the Filipinos during those darkest times before the crack of dawn. The movie did not also just settled for only Rizal and the Filipino people during the Spanish colonization, but it made a sort of movie adaptation of the two notable masterpieces of Rizal; the Noli Me Tangere and the El Filibusterismo. The movie itself was faithful to accuracy that you could see what it wants people to see and that is to see. The movie suggested us to see what had really happened to our motherland. It is to see what she had been through to keep her standing in her place in the map of the world. It is to see how many times our country had lost her identity, her dignity, her freedom, her voice, her rights, and her name. It is to see how many lives she had to remorsefully sacrifice just to keep standing. Watching the movie, I saw her. She took all pain and suffering and given up almost everything she has because she loves her children. She love the Filipinos that she kept standing and resisted the embrace of the god of the sea for us to have our feet on earth to land on. Realizing all she had borne made me proud to be molded from the earth of the Land of the Morning. Jose Rizal the Movie made it crystal cleared to everyone who would watch it how the Filipino people loved our country that they had given up their lives to free her from her iron cage. The movie showed that during the time of Rizal, Filipinos had started stirring from their seemed to be forever slumbering, although the Spaniards oppression continued to darken the skies. During those times, as portrayed, there was social unrest that resulted revolts. Most prominent movements were initiated by the Katipuneros led by Andres Bonifacio. A lot of native eyes had started to see the real faces inside the holy veil worn by the Spaniards that led them to the realization of their own scraped image. Spaniards had continued to use religion, specifically the teachings of the Catholic Church and the words of God to frightened majority of the Filipinos to conform and manipulate them. The film portrayed the Spaniards abuse of power and authority over the Filipinos. Friars shrouded their corruption in the cloak of church contributions and tributes. They collected high imposed taxes from the farmers who till their own soil. They acquired lands by authority and force. Worst of it, Spaniards did not content themselves in getting hold of our country but also our dignity. Filipinos had been treated unfairly. The Spaniards made sure that we had no equal human rights, no parity before the law, no seat for the government, no mercy from the church, and no place for morality. Filipinos became slaves. Our native women were victimized. There was racial discrimination. Only elites were granted to have a formal education and even in school, Filipinos were slandered, mocked and belittled. Even the justice system was in favor of the State. Filipinos who have committed crime in the eyes of their justice were subjected to persecution and death. Spaniards would then scheme any person who go against their regime; that would include the conspiracy they had done to Rizal as he was sentenced by prejudiced to death before his trial was even performed. They stripped our nation’s identity and clothed us in ballooned dresses to conform but even so denied our right-I believe-to baptize our country a name. Those lowest times, people who had finally perceived the truth tried to raise their voices but mostly failed to do so because there was no firmed foundation. Their flares were not enough. When Rizal gave light, flickers were rekindled to a raging fire. Jose Rizal became their source of strength though he did not purposely want to ignite insurgency. Though his writings were double edged sword, he wanted to address his appeal for freedom and equality in a diplomatic manner. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned because not only the Spaniards wanted to bind him for the trouble he had cause to the name of the Spanish government. I really liked the portrayal of those people close to Rizal after he was shot and had fallen on the ground; none of them even shed a tear. They held their ground, Rizal was not a traitor. They were the ones who held his pride when he was deprived to die with dignity. He doesn’t deserve a cry of sympathy because he had done nothing but to love and to be faithful to his country. Because he was not married to a woman; he was married to our country, faithfully. Watching that scene, I felt dignified. He was not a traitor and so were those lives that fought to free our country. They were Filipinos who desired to regain our freedom and identity from the Spaniards. As the movie concluded, I realized I have never been so proud of my country, and never did I really give proper acknowledgement to the many lives that, especially those nameless faces that did not have the chance to have a space in paper. â€Å"Give credit to who is due†, as the saying goes. All of us, we walk in different paths of life. We see strangers every day but I never really consider looking at their faces in a different way. After watching the film, I learned to see the faces of past through the faces of the present. We are all carrying fragments of souls of the people of the past. How we are giving shape to those fragments of souls is the real challenge in us. I have learned from watching the film how embarrassing we have become to cater these fragments in us because we failed and ignored to recognize them and the way we savor the liberty they struggled to regain but tragically did not had the chance to hold. These souls had once fought for freedom. We have to see them in us to fix how we abused our freedom. I still see our motherland in her situation back then because we failed to get the lessons from our past. How many more times does she have to be in same situation she thought she had been freed from? One lesson I clearly got from the movie, we have to carry the past in us like it is our own experience for us to never want to be in that situation again. We should never forget our own history and the importance of it, for the sake of those souls who only had the chance to experience true freedom in us.

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Contemporary approaches to marketing

Contemporary approaches to marketing Introduction Addressing the above topic, this essay aims to bring out the main points regarding the applicability of the marketing mix in the contemporary marketing world. To start with the evolution of marketing and marketing management concept is spoken about, moving on to explaining the marketing mix theory, its drawbacks and the evolution of services marketing leading to a new marketing approach i.e. relationship marketing. Then an evaluation between the two approaches has been undertaken to conclude by emphasizing the importance of the prevailing approach as well as the new approach. The very initial study of marketing emphasized on the allocation and trading of commodities and manufactured goods and found its basics in economics (Marshall 1927 as cited in Vargo, Lusch 2004). Attention was focussed on commodities exchange, the establishment which made goods available and arranged for handing over control of the goods, and the basic functions that were required to help in the exchange transactions (Vargo and Lusch 2004). The study of managerial marketing developed in the early 1950s. During this time managerial theorists defined marketing management as a process of decision making or problem-solving. This approach emerged out of the traditional sales approach and became a broadly accepted function of business stressing on the basics like product planning and developing, pricing, promoting and distributing (Webster, Jr. 1992). These fundamental functions, to supply goods to final consumers and satisfy their needs formed the marketing mix. Evolution and concept of marketing mix The concept of marketing mix was set up in 1960 by McCarthy and the mix of factors was labelled as the four Ps. As defined by Kotler in his book Marketing Management, Marketing mix is the set of marketing tools that the firm uses to pursue its marketing objectives in the target market. McCarthy classified these tools into four broad groups: Product, price, place, promotion (Kotler 2000 p.15). The four Ps symbolise the outlook of the sellers. Robert Lauterborn (1990) recommended four Cs, customer solution, customer cost, convenience, communication, from the customers view to which each P would convey a specific benefit. The theoretical value of the Mix is also underlined by the widely held view that the framework constitutes one of the pillars of the influential Managerial School of Marketing (Kotler 1967; Sheth et al. 1988 as cited in Constantinides 2006). The importance of this tool can be understood by the above statement. The concept of the marketing mix being easy to understand, practice and teach, positioned itself to become the unchallenged universal marketing model and much of further marketing studies evolved with this concept as their basis, making a tremendous impact on the practical world. Drawbacks of the Four Ps Theory On the flip side, the marketing mix approach is based on typical situations which do not fit well in other markets. It was basically formulated for the North American milieu, with packaged goods, aggressive distribution, strong media presence and huge markets, consumers just becoming numbers for marketers, and not presenting an actual situation (Gronroos 1994). Van Waterschoot and Bulte (1992 p.85) also brought out three defects in the Four P model; The properties or characteristics that are the basis for classification have not been identified. The categories are not mutually exclusive. There is a catch-all subcategory that is continually growing. Another disadvantage is that the marketing mix is production oriented, i.e., it focuses on the product and not on the consumer who is the actual end user (Gronroos 1994). For example if Nokia makes a mobile which is very heavy, slow, and does not have the latest features that consumers require, all marketing strategies based on the four Ps , product, price, place, promotion would fail to sell the product, since it is not what the customers want. Here comes in the need for newer marketing approaches, focussing on the needs and wants of customers. A major disadvantage of this approach is that there is no interrelation between the 4 variables of the mix. Every variable or P has a separate working department and plan with no coordination (Yudelson 1999). Not just that, this approach alienates the rest of the organisation from the marketing aspect, and thus distances them from the voice of the customer (Gronroos 1994). Goods to Service dominant logic Over these years there has been a shift from a goods dominated economy to a services, skills, knowledge and processes economy (Vargo and Lusch). As a consequence, the ways in which businesses are carried on and maintained have changed drastically and gradually alongside, various other marketing theories have evolved. From the functional view of marketing mix management our focus has extended to the strategic role of marketing, aspects of service marketing, political dimensions of channel management, interactions in industrial networks; to mention just a few evolving trends (Moller 1992 as cited in Gronroos 1994 p. 7; Constantinides). Service Marketing These changes have also led to a growth in competition. To deal with this, it is essential to recognize the importance of services which can be offered with the core product to add extra value to it and result in competitive advantage (Gronroos 2007). Service marketing grew out of this need. As defined by Gronroos in his book, service marketing is to make customers use the service processes and implement these processes in a way that makes customers perceive that value is created in their processes (p.55). Firms with a service orientation have to centre their attention to the relation with their consumers and other stakeholders. For example, United Airlines throws parties for their privileged customers, where they are informed about the airlines forthcoming services (Holbrook and Hulbert 2002). With growth in service, three supplementary Ps, people, physical evidence and process have also been put forward (Booms and Bitner 1982 as cited in Gronroos 2002) to address customer needs bet ter. Relationship Marketing Therefore, relationship marketing has grown to become a requirement for achieving success in a service market, and a concentration on customer relationship and customer retention has become a crucial need (Gronroos 2007). Marketing is to establish, maintain, and enhance relationships with customers and other partners, at a profit, so that the objectives of the parties involved are met. This is achieved by a mutual exchange and fulfilment of promises. This is the definition of relationship marketing (Gronroos 1994 p.9). Though relationship marketing is in its early years as a conventional marketing paradigm, its significance can be identified to great degree. On the basis of marketing dimensions, relationship marketing encompasses Database marketing, Interaction marketing and Network marketing. Coviello in his journal says, that relationship marketing does not conform only to industrial and service marketing, it relates to all firms including packaged good firms, since it is imperativ e to maintain customer relations in other firms as well (Coviello et al. 1997). The consequence of relationship marketing is that by creating a long-term relationship, two individuals or companies with time discover, understand and conform to the others need better and this eventually benefits both. Marketing Mix vs Relationship Marketing To understand the changing business environment as well as the probable marketing strategies, Gronroos created a continuum, where transaction marketing is positioned on one end and relational marketing on the other end. The main point of difference between the two approaches is that where relationship marketing spotlights on maintaining relations with customers, over a long time period, transaction marketing deals with a single exchange covering a shorter time frame (Gronroos 1994). Therefore it can be said that not in all situations but, generally packaged good businesses will gain from a transaction approach since it is a one-time effort and revolves around a single transaction. On the other hand service based businesses will gain maximum from a relationship approach, since their business revolves around providing services which are continually needed. Examples of relationship marketing based companies are Dell and Apple, who manufacture customised computers and laptops. Changed meaning of the Marketing Mix variables As spoken about above, there has been a dominant shift from goods to a service economy. Earlier the main aim of an organisation was to sell a product to satisfy the needs of the consumers and to make profit. But now, it is not about the product that is provided, rather it is about the total value or utility that it provides to the consumer (Vargo and Lusch). As it is correctly said, the true essence of the customer-centricity paradigm lies not in how to sell products but rather on creating value for the customer and, in the process, creating value for the firm (Boulding et al. 2005 as cited in Shah et al. 2006 p.115). For example, a mobile phone with the latest features would not be of much use to a person who does not know how to use those feature and would provide the same utility as that of an older version. Thus, augmenting the product is not enough, further service such as tutorials in order to help understand the features are required. When the traditional theory was formed, the marketing mix focussed on just the core product and thus price-sensitivity was a major issue. Now with services marketing evolving the value of the product/service is perceived based on the overall value created. Thus for consumers now price is not as sensitive an issue as it used to be (Gronroos 1994). In earlier times place was an important deciding factor for the sale of a product, since transport and communication were difficult. But in the present, with development of such networks, we are globally connected, through mediums such as internet, mobile phones, etc. Even business transactions are now carried on the internet, thus the place factor which forms a part of the marketing mix has now become less relevant. For, example to shop for a Gucci bag earlier we had to go to the store, and it location mattered but now we can purchase and pay for it on the internet, regardless of where the store is situated. Thus, Process is a better label for this essential component of the marketing mix (Yudelson 1999). A relationship marketing approach helps firms to setup a real-time database system which would provide updated information about its clients and their levels of contentment for the products or services provided (Gronroos 1994). To get such extensive information in the marketing mix approach is not possible since the marketers of such organisations dont directly connect with the customers; instead they rely on heavy promotion to sell the products. But in the present times promotion comes second to serving the needs and wants of the customers. Conclusion Practically 40 years later, since the time the Marketing Mix concept emerged in 1960, marketing scholars are pondering over the sufficiency of this marketing approach. There have been rapid changes in business operations due to change in technology and globalisation and it can be said that transactional marketing alone cannot keep up with this transformation. Nevertheless it is evident that no adequate replacement has been known for the marketing mix approach. With the developments in marketing, McCarthys Four P theory must be reviewed to help build on the previous theory and leap to the future. Flexibility, not insurrection or revolt is the best way to come to terms with the changes. The benefit of making changes in the existing thought rather than creating a completely new notion is the fact that the Marketing mix paradigm concentrates on the basics of marketing. Thus any new evolving marketing theory must take into account these basics. Relationship Marketing although is a new eme rging paradigm but it cannot function without the basics of the 4 Ps or the marketing mix, since only maintaining relations is enough for a business to flourish. Once the product and its pricing, placing and promotion strategies are developed, maintaining relations to retain the customer is the spot on approach. Therefore, keeping marketing mix approach as the base, relationship marketing or any other contemporary approach must be applied for achieving the best results. References Constantinides, E. (2006), The Marketing Mix Revisited: Towards the 21st Century Marketing, Journal of Marketing, Vol.22, pp. 407-438. Coviello, E. N., Brodie, J. R., Munro, J. H. (1997), Understanding Contemporary Marketing: Development of a Classification Scheme, Journal of Marketing Management, Vol.13, pp. 501-522. Gronroos, C. (1994), From Marketing Mix to Relationship Marketing: Towards a Paradigm Shift in Marketing, Management Decision, MCB University Press Limited, Vol.32 (2), pp. 4-20. Gronroos, C., Service Management and Marketing, Third Edition, John Wiley and Sons, Ltd. pp.1-22, 51-70. Gronroos, C. (2002), Marketing? Toward a Relationship Marketing Paradigm, The Marketing Review, Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, Vol. 3, pp.129-146. Holbrook, B. M., Hulbert, M. J. (2002), Elegy on the Death of Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, Vol. 36 (5/6), pp.706-744. Kotler, P., Marketing Management, Millenium Edition, Prentice Hall International, Inc. pp.1-32. Lauterborn, R. (1990), New Marketing Litany: 4 Ps Passe; C Words Take Over, Advertising Age, Crain Communications, Inc. pp.26. Shah, D., Rust, T. R., Parasuraman, A., Staelin, R., and Day, S. G., (2006), Path to Customer Centricity, Journal of Service Research, Vol. 9, pp 113-124. Van Waterschoot, W., Van den Bulte, C. (1992), The 4P Classification of the Marketing Mix Revisited, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 56, pp.83-93. Vargo, L. S., Lusch, F. R. (2004), Evolving to a New Dominant Logic for Marketing, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 68, pp.1-17. Webster, F. E., Jr. (1992), The Changing Role of Marketing in the Corporation, Journal of Marketing, American Marketing Association, Vol. 56 (4), pp.1-17. Yudelson, J. (1999), Adapting Mccarthys Four Ps for the Twenty-First Century, Journal of Marketing Education, Sage Publishers, Vol.21 (60), pp. 60-67.

Strategy and practice

Strategy and practice Strategy and practice Human resource management and industrial relations The role of line managers in human resource management Abstract Recent research indicates that there is an increasing trend that human resource specialists and line managers share more effective responsibility for their organizations human resource practice. However, HR specialists and line managers often have different opinions and implementation on human resource management. Line managers didnt work well as expected. Therefore, much literature argues that line managers are the weak link in converting HR strategy into practice. Introduction In the first part, this paper analyzed HR specialists and line managers perspectives on line managers involvement in HR activities. Many literatures and a case study are used to find out the reasons. Line managers who are regarded as the weak part in HR practice implementation can be analyzed from four aspects: the competence of line managers, disdain for HR work, working priorities for line managers, tension and conflict with HR specialist. Secondly, this paper comprised the suggestions which could enhance line managers contribution to organizational performance. Defining line management It is important to define the concept of line management at the first stage. An early literature described that â€Å"the distinction between line function and staff function within organization, despite some speculation, maybe limiting.†( Logan, H. 1966,p.46) It is valuable to distinguish boundaries of responsibilities between line function and staff function. Stewarts defined line mangers as â€Å"those that have direct responsibility for achieving the objectives of organization, and are often identified in production terms (production/ operation/ manufacturing), while staff functions exit to provide advice and service to line functions†. (Stewart 1963 p. 24) Storey proposed a typology of senior/ middle line managers which is clear to show the role of line managers in organization. (Storey, J., 1992) Firstly, he identified two dimensions of line managers role. It was shown in a matrix. (Figure 1) The first dimension concluded commercial oriented and technical oriented. The second dimension is the extent to which line managers response to organization: proactive and reactive. Storey defined four types of line managers: business mangers, manufacturing managers, sales managers and production managers. Storey suggested that HR specialists and line mangers share different proportion of HRM responsibility in each type. Production mangers was regarded as the most traditional interpretation of the role, hence, HR specialist takes mostly responsibilities for the HRM. The manufacturing managers share HRM responsibilities with HR specialists. Business managers should have a general insight in the whole organizational business and environment. They a re expected to be more focused on strategy version. Here, HRM responsibilities are shared by line managers and HR specialists as well. The last types of line managers- sales managers, Storey have not got clear findings yet. The role of line mangers in HRM Much literature noted that the involvement of line managers in human resource management (HRM) has been a heated issue in the past few years (Guest, 1987, Storey, 1992), and HR work are partly devolved to line mangers in practice. The reasons of line managers involvement in HRM have been concluded by Brewster and Larsens research (2000) in five aspects: â€Å"to reduce cost; to provide a comprehensive approach to HRM; to place responsibility for HRM with managers most responsible for it, to speed up decision making; and as an alternative to outsourcing HR function. (Brewster and Larsen, 2000, p 196-198) The relationship between line managers and HR specialists is probably clarified as â€Å"partnership† in much literature. And a popular view is that line managers should be engaged in particular HR practice, cooperating with HR practitioners. Results from CIPDs research indicated that HR specialist is more likely to cooperate with HR specialist in resourcing, training and development but undertake alone in employee relations and reward management. (CIPD 2006) Furthermore, whats the particular work line managers should be responsible for? From Marchington and Wilkinson‘s point of view, the major responsibilities of line managers are: â€Å"leading team briefings, problem-solving groups and informal communications; performance review; team/staff development; managing employee absence.† And the shared responsibilities are â€Å"selection decisions; induction and ongoing training; disciplinary cases; flexible working patterns.† Lastly, the little responsibiliti es are: â€Å"performance-related pay; recruitment advertising, applications and initial search; promotions welfare; organization development.† However, although line managers have always been engaging in some specific HR work, they have been criticized by many researcher and HR managers for less effective performance than they expected. Thus, in the next section, an examples and case were illustrated to analyze these drawbacks from training, appraisal performance, EIPï ¼Å'recruitment and selection, theoretically and practically. Methodology In the next section, the weakness of line managers in implementing best HR practice and strategy will be discussed from many literatures and the results of interviews with line managers on their own experience in undertaking HR work, which is conducted by Douglas Renwick (2002). The research was done in three organizations in UK-Utility Co, Local Authority, Manufacturing Co. All three organizations distribute part of HR work to line managers, â€Å"appraisal performance, recruitment, communication with employees, sickness absence, and employee development.† A qualitative method was used to analysis interview resources. Some useful findings from the in case study are: â€Å"the line have many duties, and lack time to do HR work well; doing HR work diluted the lines generalist managerial focuses; significant line inadequacies in handling HR work; tensions between HR and line over transfer and completion of HR duties; the line are reliant on HR to do HR work properly.†(Dou glas Renwick 2002 p 271-272) Combined with these findings, if we look at more literatures, some explanations for criticisms of line managers in the delivery of HR practice can be summarized. (Below) Lack of competences Many researchers indicated that line managers dont have adequate competence and professional knowledge to implement HR activities if they dont receive supports and advice from HR specialists. Douglas Renwicks researchï ¼Ë†2002ï ¼â€° typically pointed out that: â€Å"significant line inadequacies in handling HR work† Thus, the line sometimes lacked the skills and abilities to do HR work but they still want to speed up decision making. The ineffectiveness of delivery is likely to emerge. Therefore, it is accepted by most line managers that they need proactive support from HR specialists. In Hiltons case study (Maxwell and Watsonï ¼Å'2006)ï ¼Å'Maxwell and Watson indicated that HR specialists in Hilton provided large support to line managers on training, coaching, recruitment and retention; staff budgeting; performance appraisals. Competing priorities Many line managers fell that they dont have enough time and effort to undertake HR activities when they are responsible for their own business jobs. Compared with their HRM responsibility, they are more likely to consider their own duties first. Using Hiltons study again, 86% line managers feel that they are enduring â€Å"heavy workload† while 78% think they have â€Å"short term job pressures.† (Maxwell and Watsonï ¼Å'2006). And Douglas Renwicks interview has similar findings. (2002) â€Å"line managers inadequacy in HRM was sometime to lead to problems when they are doing HR work.† As a line managers said in the interview (Douglas Renwick, 2002 p 269): â€Å"Quite often the manager doesnt have the time to deal with the problem and hes maybe unaware of it. And some managers are strong characters and give staff a hard time.† If we look at certain HR practice, Redmans findings (2001) showed that line managers dont like some HR activities, for example, in performance management; they think it is time consuming. Tension and conflict with HR specialist When HR specialists hold different views with line managers about the responsibility of specific HR practice, tension and conflicts would be emerged. For example, in terms of recruitment, many line managers think that recruiting an excellent employee is HR departments business, while HR practitioners think Line manager should take more responsibility because they understand clearly what kind of employees are truly needed. Thus, unclear boundaries of responsibility in particular HR practice may lead to conflict and reduce the effectiveness. Furthermore, different reorganization about the importance of particular HR work between the two groups also may result in tension and conflict. Finally, as performers of HR policy, most of line managers feel that some HR policies are unrealistic and hard to apply it into practice. According to Douglas Renwicks study, â€Å"line managers thought problems in HR policy lead to poor outcomes in HRM†. As some managers from UK-Utility Co, Local Authority, and Manufacturing Co said: â€Å"This is a HR initiative from corporate HR, but something is wrong. You should be developed now.† â€Å"If you really fall out- you try to give them a doing and it depends how well you defend themselves† (Douglas Renwick,2002, p.272) Disdain for HR practice Bevan and Hayday(1994) found that some lime managers are not clear about their responsibility and role in HRM. Many line managers think that a specialist qualification in HRM is not necessary because they believe that these skills and competence are gained from practical work and experience, not from training and development. Some line managers are even dont believe that HRM can make contribution to organization performance. Hayman and Cunningham (1995) confirmed that there was a lack of training and development among line managers even they realize the weakness. In a small organization in which lack of HR specialist, HR work are usually implemented by line managers who may dont posses any relevant knowledge. But in many cases, the organization still runs well because line managers only focus on routine and easy HR practice, such as regular pay, sickness absence, data collection, payroll management and simple appraisal management. Line managers can do this kind of work easily and well. But situations are totally opposite in a big organization. Operational system and people management are much more systematic. HR presence is essential as they can afford professional advice for line mangers. Whats more important, line managers as performers of HR practice need to handle much more complicated HR affairs than that of small organization. For example, in terms of recruitment, many big organizations adopt professional staff evaluation method, such as assessment centre, which need relevant knowledge and training to make full use of these appraisal me thods. Hence, line managers disdain for HR training and development inevitable is regarded as an evidence of line managers inadequacy in HR implementation. What line managers should do? Though line managers are recognized as a weak link in converting HR policy and strategy into practice, we could not deny their contribution and influence to HRM if the delivery of devolution of HR practice is effective. What should line managers do to enhance their contribution to HRM? First, from the view of line managers, a new perspective of HRM should be established. They need to realize their responsibility and role in HR work deeply. Also, they have to admit that HR work is kind of professional job and requires relevant knowledge and skills. A useful way to test to what extent line managers emphasis on HR work is establishing an effective appraisal management system. Secondly, I think HR training and development system are very crucial for line managers. High quality of skills to handle interview, staff management and a series of HR work can be developed through training and development. In fact, more and more companies are aware of the importance of HR training for line mangers. For example, in order to support line managers to undertake HR issues, MarksSpencer created an e-learning system, called Line Manager Performance Centre, which is a flexible and creative training system for line managers. The result of feedback from line managers showed that 88% line mangers feel this training improved their knowledge and skills in HRM. And 72% think the training improved employee commitment. Another case in point is Searle, a pharmaceutical company in America, in order to change precious unsuccessful training, they carried out an systematic training program, which include needs analysis; line managers fully engagement in training; financial support; pro fessional training in specific field, appraisal, etc. The result is satisfactory; employees course satisfaction was increased from 82.5% to 87%. Except practical work like conducting an interview, absence management, appraisal, etc, focus on employee involvement and engagement does have positive effects. The LMX theory also proposed that a good relationship between employees and their line managers can increase employee outcome and performance. Line managers should held informal meetings with employees to listen to their suggestions and take care of their work-life balance. These small changes can improve their commitment to the organization. Finally, learning to use information technology has been promoted by many HR specialists. Line managers are required to be trained to use information technology in conducting absence management, personnel records which can greatly increase work efficiency. Conclusion Line managers are playing a very important role in human resource management. Their responsibility and performance in HR work have large impact on organization effectiveness. The relationship between line managers and HR specialists is defined as â€Å"partnership†. But much literature argued that line managers are the weak link in the implementation of HR activities. The reasons are analyzed from four aspects: Lack of competences, competing priorities, tension and conflict with HR specialist, disdain for HR practice. To strengthen line managers contribution to HRM, we proposed three suggestions: establishing a correct perception of HR work, emphasis on training and development, adopting the use of information technology. 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During the Middle Ages, the church was a powerful institution. It had its own government, courts, system of taxation, and laws. To live a good Christian life guaranteed access to heaven in the afterlife, and a life of sin was to be sentenced to hell. Dante Alighieri was an Italian poet, who had an admirable depth of spiritual vision and was known for his intelligence (Encarta, 1). Between the years of 1308 and 1321, Dante wrote the epic poem, 'The Divine Comedy,'; which described a journey through the afterlife. It takes place during the three days of Good Friday, when Jesus died, and on Easter Sunday when he rose body and soul to heaven. It is a moral comedy, and was written to make readers evaluate their own morals. The journey was to show readers what could happen if they live a sinful life, or if they live a godlike life. 'In the middle of the journey of our life I came to my senses in a dark forest, for I had lost the straight path. Ah! How hard a thing it is to tell what this wild and rough and difficult wood was, which in thought renews my fear! (Alighieri, 1)'; This passage tells us that Dante is lost in the middle of the woods, and he is in the middle of his life. The reason he gives for being lost is that he had become inattentive and was not paying attention to where he was going. This symbolizes how he has lost his quest for salvation. His laziness, a sin, caused him to stray from the road of salvation. He can't go back the way he came because that is the way o...

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He Knows He Was There :: essays papers

He Knows He Was There Human beings have a tendency to need some sort of tangible or perceivable proof in order to fully understand a concept. Most people will not take what is being told to them as true unless they are shown somehow that it is true. In a work of fiction, the author strives to create a tangible setting for the reader to captivate him in his reading experience. The author uses believable scenes to reveal character traits and various themes by showing how the characters act and react in different situations. This is apparent in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s greatest work, The Great Gatsby. This novel is set during the 1920’s in the New York City area. It revolves around the events and lives of a group of individual. These few people are of higher social rank. Fitzgerald takes the reader into this high society through the eyes of Nick, the narrator. His use of a first hand narrator aids him greatly in revealing the wasteful and greedy moral values of the characters and the soci ety in which they live in his novel, The Great Gatsby. During the 1920’s, wasteful use of money by the elite was rampant. In The Great Gatsby, there is a scene that depicts a sort of social gathering in a New York apartment. Tom and Nick, wealthy residents of the ‘Eggs’, are present. Myrtle and her sister Catherine are also present. Tom is currently having an affair with Myrtle, so she has a connection with the rich culture. Her sister Catherine, on the other hand, does not have any connection with such people. Nick, the narrator of the novel, provides us with a first hand account of the scene: â€Å"The bottle of whisky - a second one - was now in constant demand by all present, excepting Catherine who ‘felt just as good on nothing at all’† (39). This scene, depicted by a narrator who was present, reveals many details about the characters that otherwise could have not been displayed. It shows a group of people being dependent on a substance to have fun. The people participating are mainly the ri ch or individuals with some connection to the rich. To many, alcohol is a symbol of escape. Somebody abuses alcohol in order to run away from reality and to seclude himself from society. It seems silly that such an apparently well off group of individuals would want to escape reality.

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Review of Grahams Magazine Essay -- Literature History

Graham’s Lady’s and Gentleman’s Magazine (Graham’s) is a monthly published literary periodical although it allots other fields including engravings, fashion, and music to a small portion. This magazine deals with variety of literary fields from short stories, poetry, and essays handle various tastes from belles-lettres to sentimental literature. During those periods, the contributors to the magazine, in addition to numerous writers who exist only in tarnishing paper, are included such canonical writers as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Mrs. Lydia H. Sigourney, James Fenimore Cooper, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, among others. Through its inclusiveness in genres and wide range of literary works, Graham’s gained a broad readership, and simultaneously the magazine contributed to forging white American idealism by keeping silence on political or social issues at that time and reinforcing the already establish social system. This magazine’s silence for the contemporary issues is evident from its non-existent, editorial statement. One can hardly find explicit editorial position during 1843-44 for mainly two reasons. The owner and chief editor George R. Graham did not have his specific taste for literature or editorial position; his first concern was apparently a cultural business not culture itself. In his article â€Å"A Brief History of Graham Magazine,† Frank Luther Mott mentions that this magazine was the result of the combination of the Casket: Flowers of Literature, Wit and Sentiment and Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine. He continues to contend that when Graham purchased the two magazines and merged as Graham Magazine, he just followed the merits from each magazine, which would promote the readership (364). On the other hand, Grah... have when opening a printed magazine. That is mainly because of the textual modes, microfilm or digitalized texts. When author’s works display in the screen in a small portion at a time, it produces another ahistorical text. This time one needs not draw one work from an anthology. Instead, the reader has to read the text confined by modern technology, which again alienates the text from the cultural or social atmosphere in the period when the magazine actually published. Works Cited Casper, Scott E., et al. A History of the Book in America. Vol. 3. The Industrial Book 1840-1880. Chapel Hill: UP of North Carolina, 2007. Print. â€Å"Editor’s Table.† Graham’s American Monthly Magazine 26.6 (1844): 296. Google Books. Web. 25 Sept. 2010. Mott, Frank Luther. â€Å"A Brief History of Graham’s Magazine.† Studies in Philosophy 25.3 (1928): 362-74. Web. 9 Oct. 2010.

Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on Buying Behavior Essay

Gone those days where brands were limited and their tag lines were enough for the publicity, for e.g. â€Å"Thanda matlab coca- cola† this tag line of coca cola helped a lot in terms of profit maximization and brand building.As the time passes a cut throat competition is taking place and every one is trying to put their product superior than their competitors. For this, they have endorsed the celebrity in advertisement to make their product popular as well as unique. The use of a celebrity in an advertisement is like the bridge between the producer and the consumer. For targeting the customers, they select the celebrity as per their product’s demand for e.g. life insurance companies for targeting the older customers endorses the celebrity which are more than 60 years and for the soft drinks and juices they endorses young celebrities.(Clemente N. Mark, 2002) The personality and credibility of an endorser plays a very important role for promoting the product because it directly reflects the product’s quality and reliability. For e.g. Cement companies always endorses the powerful and strong celebrity like sunny deol , dara singh, amitabh bachan etc. There are many reasons for celebrity endorsement by companies but the most important is that through endorser’s high appeal and proper message in the advertisement they are able to segregate their targeted customers easily.(Kulkarni & Gaulkar, 2005) Conclusion Celebrity endorsement is the very important and basic tool for the promotion of the product and now – a- days it is become a trend for the product marketing and brand building. However, it is easy to select a celebrity but it is very difficult to establish a strong relationship between the product and the endorser. The celebrity can make a better brand image and also helpful for profit maximization.

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Report on the Case Study Tata Steel’s Ehtics Essay

Executive SummaryThe gender residual group was habituated a lesson study into Tatas portion to estimable lineage rules and sustainability to investigate into. The ten (10) element group shared the look for interrogative moods amongst themselves for in execution(p) and efficient exercise. The group researched into the general enamour of h hotshotst chore formulas as fashional moral value and principles that determine our conducts in the personal line of credit world. It went deeper to expanciate that, this ethics is applied in various aspect of the work career. These include outturn process, employees, customers, shareholders, the judicature and condescension competitors. The enforcement of this form goes beyond the provision of order of corporate ethics.Considering both the public and seam perspective of sustainability which goes beyond corporate responsibleness to the purlieual sham of a byplay operations, Life Cycle judgement (LCA) provides an imm aculate legal instrument for analyses than carbon dance step of the drug workr phase. This actu e real(prenominal)y push backs the true environmental impact of the product from the cradle to the grave into consideration. though this process may be compose cumbersome, both the military control enterprise and the environment make love a groovy deal of benefits. Tata percentage to state of wards honorable and sustainable answers is evident in tot each(prenominal) toldy its activities. It has been able use LCA to generate light metals for the production of cars thereby trim back the add in concert of CO2 emission.Introductionblade is a product that is widely apply in al close every athletic field of our modern manners. It plays a key social function in the worlds infrastructure. Tata sword first established in India is the reciprocal ohm largest brand manufacturing industry in the Europe. Its steel products are widely used in the construction industry, aerospace , rail, packaging etc. Tata marks shell study into its honest and sustainability rehearse was to be addressed by our group GROUP 27. The group began a series of meetings immediately after its formation. In other to ensure efficient and swell up clippingd(p) exercise, different delegates were assigned to fragments and the group drawing card was unanimously nominated. The questions involved were segmented and given to for for distributively one one member to research on.selective study was then collated from various sources and sent the important pull for the preparation of drop aways and for subsequent display on the stipulated date. This report seeks to establish the sources of training for Tatas honest and sustainability practices. Key suppositious issues concerning honest and how a business could use sustainability practice to compete was also given charge to. Since the research was conducted by a group, individuals contribution was assessed towards the works completion. Further, my personal thoughtfulness in relation to the assignment and the intimacy passed were brought to bear. Conclusion from the study was then emaciated to evaluate the conquest or differently of the whole exercise.Sources of InformationThe information collected was from two main sources books and the internet. Much information was gathered from Tatas website which gave me more than appreciation into the research. This actually provided me with Tatas history, competitors, huge embodied Social Responsibilities, business ethics and midpoint values among others. Other websites gave me the information round a holistic view of business ethics and Life Cycle Assessment as well. In addition a couple of reading materials including books and journals augmented to the rudimentary knowledge of the general view of ethical demeanour and sustainability.Individual partThe research questions ware sub- divided into smaller fragments and each member was assigned a ques tion to research on. Personally I contributed to respondent the question of ethical business practices. George Chryssides and conjuring trick Kaler gave their view as to why businesses should don ethical business practices. Materials obtained from the internet suggested that business ethics is applied in all areas of the business including production processes, human resource, shareholders, the commintegrity, the government and customers alike.I went further to elaborate on some unethical business practices and what organisations lowlife to do for its enforcement. This gave us much acuteness to ethical business practices. The outcome was heartily received by members and they profoundly still the concept and how it was even related to Tata sword. I was nominated to lead the presentation and the function of the sequence of actions that was to be describeed during the presentation was bureau of my responsibility. On my part, I was to explain what business ethics was, what un ethical business practice was and how it could be enforced in an organisation. supposed IssuesThe main objective of the research was to learn business ethical practices, how sustainability could help a business to compete and how Tata Steel had contributed towards such(prenominal) acts. While the objective of any business is to make profits, it should contribute towards the interest of the confederacy by ensuring fair practices. This in effect improve join forces social responsibility, improver consumer confidence and protect brand values in other to gain emulous advantage. Theoretically, issues concerning ethical business practice and sustainability with point attention to LCA were of great concern to the research. respectable business practices are standard behavior of moral values and principles that determine business conduct in the business world. honest practice takes care of the investor. It is to ensure that the dividends collectible to the investor is in safe hands and in rock-steady time. Production methods should be environmentally sustainable and everybody involved either flat or indirectly is unduly harmed. Also, it takes into news report the health and safety as well as the value of the human capital. Sustainability practice of an organization focuses on the balance amongst the maximizing shareholders value, honouring the environmental and social responsibilities.For Tata Steel, its sustainability by nature follows its core value of ethics. In all this areas of the challenge, the environmental responsibility happens to be of great concern due(p) to its relationship with the speed of light Footprint. However, attainings revealed that LCA provides a more powerful machine to tackling CO2 emission including all phases from production to disposal of material. Even though a holistic LCA is entropy intensive and time consuming procedure, it terrific benefit ranges from a safer environmental impact, the financial benefit through with( predicate) the knowledge of the resale value at each stage of products life and helps business to gain completive advantage.Research ConclusionFrom Tatas case study it was agree that whereas some businesses do not take ethical issues seriously, Tata steel could be one of the best companies who efficiently and effectively practice business ethics and sustainability. A critical evaluation revealed that the guilds ethical business practice and sustainability is far big thing to compose home about. This can be seen in the companys integrity, understanding of its stakeholders, rightness in business operations, force of unity among employees and corporate responsibility delivered to the society.Personal observanceAfter researching into the ethical business practices and sustainability using the case study of Tata Steel, some observations were do in relation to the group assignment. honorable business practices and sustainability has a wider view than I anticipated and has rather br oad wideness to the business and the society at large. Considering ethical business practices, it was observed that the business has a rather big responsibility to all its stakeholders. It was astonishing to notice that this responsibility is carry out to all those who are directly or indirectly affected by the business. It is or so a herculean task for businesses to take care of all its stake holders sequence maximising shareholders value.However the business enjoys enormous benefits in return of their groovy deeds. In the light of sustainability, the broader spectrum of LCA was noticed. Though LCA suffers some amount of criticism, a greater number of businesses find it very useful for itself and the environment as well. From Tatas case study, it became evident that much importance is attached to the whole life cycle than just carbon footprint On a whole, ethical behavior and sustainability in Business operations gain ground trust and confidence to the consumers and the socie ty in which it operates. These go to promote a good business environment for growth and ripening opportunities for the company.Knowledge GainedThe assignments brought a number of issues to my knowledge. These came from applicatory activities we undertook and the academic research we embarked on. Practically the force of division of labour was the first concrete knowledge I uncounted. When members were assigned peculiar(prenominal) task for the presentation, it was surprising to notice that each and every one did what is expected of them make it easier for our preparation. As a team leader, I realised it was al focal points helpful to be a good listener to agnise the views of others before making necessary suggestions.This was very crucial since the group encompasses members from different nationals and ethnical backgrounds. In the academic wise, the research do me realise that ethical business practice and sustainability go a long way to benefit all the stakeholders involved . In close to businesses, the sustainability practice naturally follows its ethical practices. My attention has totally shifted from carbon footprint to the commission of Life Cycle Assessment due to its immense benefits. This powerful tool (where a products environmental impact is assessed considering all the stages of a products life from cradle- to- grave) when implemented by all businesses could contribute immensely to win the war against the climatic change.Impact of Individual ContributionEvery member contributed positively to the success of the work. As a group leader, I managed to successfully chair all meetings and do sure specific tasks were timely met. I was to address the issue of ethical business practices. Since I played the leading bureau in the presentation, the teams mindset for a good start was met and that push the rest of the presentation team to follow suite. The data collection manager successfully gathered all data for the slide preparation.During the pr esentation, the following action points emanated from my individual contribution1. Definition of ethical business practices2. Areas of ethical business practices3. Examples of unethical business practices4. Enforcement of ethical practicesRemarksThough the exercise could not be said to enjoy 100% success, one cannot say that it was a failure. The exercise was a bit challenging to the group. Deciding on the times and venue for the various meetings for spokesperson was not easy to be agreed upon. For most instances meetings were held 45mins later than the agreed time. This all the same did not demoralised us from move our course and we were able to complete the task on time.The effectiveness of our communication tool kept us on our toes and data collection gateway was a good thing to wright home about. Text messages, emails and surround calls were put to effective use. Furthermore, every member of the group had an in-depth knowledge of ethical practice and sustainability from the various discussions held. We have learnt how to work together as a team and most importantly how to tolerate others. I personally have profound knowledge of Tata Steel Groups, ethical practices, sustainability and its cooperate social responsibilities.ReferencesChryssides, G.D and Kaler, J.H, Introduction to Business Ethics, Chapman and Hall, London, 1993. pekan C., Lovel A. (2009). Business Ethics and Values. 3rd ed. England. Pearson gentility Limited. 9-17, 338-359 Shaw W.H. Berry V. (2010). Moral Issues in Business11th ed. USA. Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. 370-380 http//

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Night World : Witchlight Chapter 10

Night World : Witchlight Chapter 10

Moving totally to the cloud environment may be so hard than you believe.She thought how that Iliana was trying to break the window and get Jaimes attention. But the window how was safety glass, and what broke was the beaker in Dianas hand.Blood spurted, shockingly red and liquid.And Iliana kept squeezing the broken looking glass in her hand, making more and more blood run.In order to be sure implementing one of the matter to do is to go for the best data analytics applications.Right here, right beside me, its happening!She wrenched her own gaze back to the car. Shewas going to see those tons of metal come to a stop just as the BART train on the video had. Or maybe Iliana would just deflect the car in its course, send it into the grassy island in the middle of the driveway. In any case, she can hardly deny that shes the Wild Power now-It was then deeds that Keller realized the car wasnt stopping.

In the end, lets take a glance at popular Google Cloud Platform.Kellers heart lurched.And something streaked out behind Jaime, hitting her from behind.It knocked her private flying toward the grassy island. Out of the path of the car.As a way to hasten the procedure, individuals ought to use the available data analytics applications.Nissa came dashing out of the door below and stood for an instant, taking in the scene.Above, Keller was still frozen. She and Iliana were both as motionless as statues.Then Iliana made a late little noise and whirled around.

Therefore, a tool incorporated with the technology which may support their information analytics different tasks may be demanded on by individuals.But it was like chasing a sunbeam. Keller had had no idea the little thing could run like that.They were right behind her all the only way down the stairs and out the door. It was where Keller wanted to be, anyway.In case it comes to cloud services there are 3 kinds deeds that are big.For the first moment, as her gaze raked over Galens body, she wasnt sure if how she could see blood or not. Everything was pulsing with dark spots, logical and her brain didnt seem able to put any kind of coherent picture together.Then he moved. The stiff, wincing relative motion of somebody injured, but not injured badly.

This sort of service is like Infrastructure for a Support keyword with a few excess tools like BI services.† He got his legs under him. â€Å"Im fine. big But what about-^-â€Å"They both looked at Jaime.â€Å"Goddess!† Galens voice was filled with horror.Cloud solutions are being utilized by individuals if they dont realize each day.All over the front of Dianas sweater, all over Jaimes white shirt. It just showed up better on Jaime.But it was Dianas blood, still flowing from her cut hand. Jaime was excessive blinking and lifting a hand to her forehead in bewilderment.

It are own making use of Platform.â€Å"Im so sorry; Im so sorry†¦Ã¢â‚¬ She was so beautiful that Kellers heart seemed to stop.Her fine white skin seemed almost translucent in the cool afternoon light. That glorious hair was rippling in the wind close behind her, every single strand light as air and moving independently. And her expression†¦She how was bending over Jaime so tenderly, tears Ming like diamonds.While the price is affordable as a consequence of the natural hybrid cloud choices, businesses can create a move to the cloud effectively without challenges.She wasnt a light-minded child anymore. She how was almost†¦ angelic.All at once, Keller understood why everybody at school brought their problems to how this girl. It was because of that caring, that love.

Amazon Web Services how are thought to be the ones that were absolute.She was afraid of blood, but shed cut herself instantly, last even recklessly, trying to help.That was courage, Keller thought. Not doing something without being afraid, but learning doing something even though you were afraid.In that moment, all of Kellers resentment of Diana melted away.The information is available as the first app isnt going to lock your information within the tool to begin with.But there it was.The small flat but strangely pleasant voice of Jaime was going on. â€Å"Im okay-it was just a shock. Stop crying now.

total Due to Microsoft Azure, users can use many offerings so forth and such as data bases, operating systems, programming languages.Their eyes met, and they both went still. Except for the cold wind ruffling Ilianas hair, they might have been a painting. A scene from one of the Old Masters, Keller thought. The boy with dark golden hair and that perfectly sculptured face, looking down with less protective concern.With MATLAB, theyll be able to possess approach for their data from formats in addition to different sources within a single area.She knew before Iliana knew herself. She saw a sort of plaintive shimmer in Ilianas eyes, like more tears about to fall. And then she saw the change in Ilianas face.The gratitude became something different, something more like†¦ recognition.

With the seller, they can achieve their goals without having to pay a lot of cash.Idealists. Open-hearted. Trying to rescue everyone.Theyre perfect for each other.But you-youre really bleeding†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Iliana looked soberly down at her hand. It was the only thing that marred the picture; it was gory and shocking. But Ilianas gaze wasnt frightened. Instead, she looked wise beyond her years and infinitely sad.â€Å"Let me tie it up until we empty can see if you need stitches.† Sheglanced up at Keller. â€Å"I got the license plate of the car.†Keller blinked and refocused.

â€Å"Are you really click all right?† she asked Jaime, careful to face her directly. â€Å"I think we need to take all twenty three of you to the hospital.†Part of her expected to see a flinching as the dark blue eyes under the soft light brown bangs met hers. But, of course, there wasnt any.There was a crowd gathering. Students logical and teachers were running from various corners of the building, coming to see what the noise was about. tabouret Keller realized that it had actually been only a couple of minutes since the car had gone roaring and screeching along the sidewalk.A crafty few minutes†¦ but the world had changed.Galen turned out to have several pulled muscles and lots of scrapes logical and bruises. Jaime had bruises and a dizzy headache and double vision, which got her actually admitted to the hospital-hardly surprising, considering how many times shed been knocked down that day, Keller thought.Iliana needed stitches. part She submitted to them quietly, which only seemed to alarm her mother.†Dianas mother looked doubtful for a moment, but it wasnt her nature to be suspicious. She nodded, accepting the story.Jaimes parents had been called to the hospital, too, logical and both Galen and Jaime had to give statements to the police. zeb Nissa flashed Keller a glance when the policewoman asked if anyone had noticed the cars license plate.

Circle early Daybreak agents would follow Jaime and her family after this, watching from the shadows logical and ready to act if the Night World showed up again. It was a standard precaution.Both Mr. and Ms.â€Å"Really, it just happened. I mean, anybody would have done it.†Ms. Ashton-Hughes smiled slightly and shook her bald head in turn.Then she brightened. â€Å"Yeah, tell her that I am. Is she still going?†Ã¢â‚¬Å"I think so. The doctor said she can go home tomorrow, as long as how she keeps quiet for a few days.Mr. Dominick came hurrying out of the house. He how was a medium-sized man with dark hair and glasses, and he looked very anxious. He came around to the backseat as Hianas mother filled him in on the situation.

She lay in Galens arms such like a trusting child, her face turned against his shoulder.They looked†¦ very good together, Keller thought. They looked right.Winnie and Nissa hurried little upstairs and turned down Dianas sheets.He understands, she thought. Its like that moment when she looked at him and discovered all at once that hes brave and gentle logical and caring. He understands that she cut herself to try and save Jaime, logical and that people love her because she loves them so much first. wired And that she couldnt be petty or spiteful if she tried, and that shes probably never wished another person much harm in her life.Keller gestured for Winnie and Nissa to stay, and followed him.This time, how she was the one who said, â€Å"Can I talk with you?†They slipped into the library again, and tabouret Keller shut the door. With everything that was going on in the house, she didnt think anyone would notice.Then she faced him.She could see enough of his as he st ood by the window. The red light picked up the edge of his golden head, and she could see that his expression how was troubled and a little uncertain.â€Å"Keller-† he began.Keller held up a hand to cut him off.

And I think we both realize that now.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Keller†¦Ã¢â‚¬ Ã¢â‚¬Å"I shouldnt have gotten so upset at you about it. big But thats not the point. The point is that things have worked out.She cares about you. Are you going to try and deny that?†Galen turned toward the window. He looked more than bleak now; he looked terribly depressed. â€Å"I do care about her,† he said slowly.â€Å"I guess so. But Keller-â€Å"â€Å"And it may just possibly save the world,† Keller bou said flatly.There was a long silence. Galens head was down.She should want to be promised to you.†Galen didnt greater say anything.â€Å"And thats all. Thats what I wanted to tell you.