Saturday, August 10, 2019

Business Intelligence Report (BIR) about the company's management Essay

Business Intelligence Report (BIR) about the company's management practices - Intorduction and Conclusion - Essay Example Whole Food Market had been experiencing heavy rise in profits since Jan 2001. The hard work of its team members and strong leadership at the helm of affairs helped the company prosper. Whole Foods products include only natural and organic products. These products include everything from produce, bakery items, cheese, coffee, meat, seafood, body products, supplements, wine, floral, house hold cleaning products and pet products. Their marketing is being taken care by a team of 45 proficient marketers and the employee pool is a rich in expertise and a diverse pool. All in all, Whole food has a solid ensemble in all areas of its management. Organization Structure 2. Organizational Structure The Organizational Structure section can include a chart but should include an explanation of the company's organizational structure and how that impacts the company's performance. Whole Foods Market depends on organizational structure to ensure performance that would impact employees and customers. S ince January 2001 Whole Food Market has experienced increase in sales, profits, and stock prices. The success of the company has flourished from the hard work of team members and strong leadership throughout the company.

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