Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Service letters Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Service letters - Essay Example In addition, a good friend of the family was talking coffee with us, and she commented about the young man to me, claiming that he had once stayed with her when one of the machines broke down until it was repaired. Your juice stores have always given me excellent service and acts, as a place for me to meet my friends. I always feel comfortable even when I am not having a drink because the waiters know that I am a regular visitor. I have noticed that the waiters, including Mr. Rodman, always try to make the customer’s experience much better, which must be difficult with all the diverse people who visit the store. These groups always want different flavors, as was the case with my nephews. One of them wanted a Pina Colada, while the others wanted a Strawberry Julius and an Orange Julius respectively. Even with the long line behind us, Mr. Rodman pulled more than fifteen colored cups out of the sleeve until he had the right ones, after which he made beverages for all of us, chatting up my nephews. We were all very grateful. I find his attitude brilliant because it is not possible to train understanding and empathy, which means that this is one of your requirements for potential employees, especially as I have heard the same complements from my friends. I felt like Mr. Rodman showed maturity and understanding from his experience of serving families and small children. Even though, buying juice is not the most memorable moment of anyone’s day, I always remember to visit it every time I come to the mall. I have also learnt a lesson from this experience, which is that understanding and maturity may be more costly and elicit more opinions, but it creates loyalty for customers. This is not in any training manual, but I feel that many stores have a lot to learn from you. I know that I will stay a loyal customer to your business. Thank you. I am writing this letter as a complaint about the terrible service

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