Friday, August 23, 2019

Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 13

Case Study Example The iPad and the kindle reader were created to serve the same purpose which is to aid ion acquiring scholarly materials. However, the iPad has been developed to incorporate many features and tasks. However, the kindle reader stands out as the best gadget to use in terms of education. With its partnership with the marketing giant Amazon, the kindle reader has made shopping for books much easier. The kindle reader has been developed to download all file formats of documents. Additionally, the kindle reader has been developed to suit all handheld and computer gadgets. To its features, there is an inclusion of the outstanding 8GB memory which makes storing of files easier. The kindle reader also has the ability of storing 6000 books which makes it the ultimate gadget to use in accessing books. Texting while driving has been an issue posing increasing negative effects on the transport system across the globe. From the social setting, lives are lost each due to carelessness driving mainly attributed to texting while on the wheel. According to Laudon (2012) the effects of texting on the while has cost the society the lives of many people. The political front has also felt the effects as governments officials are banned from texting while driving. This was evidence that the government is more than willing to curb the mess. It unethical to text while driving knowing the danger you are exposing yourself and others to. This in some cases can be termed as murder. The effects of texting while driving has been severe in the United States like many other nations around the globe. The states around the United States share the same negative sentiments when referring to texting while driving. However, the general population is not well sensitized as people continue with this ignorant trait. Individuals ignore the warnings made by authorities and other concerned parties. Amid the warnings from authorities, two separate

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